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Top Frequently asked questions

  • Do You Ship Orders Everyday?
    • We do not process prescription orders on weekends or holidays. If you place an order after 3:00 PM on Friday EST, the order will be sent to the pharmacy and shipped out the following day.

  • Where do I place my order?
    • All our medications are affordable with highest quality and the cheapest prices. You can check the prices here in our websites.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    • WE ACCEPT COD by Money Order or Cashiers Check ONLY. Orders are processed within 72 hrs from the time of order. Shipping begins 24 hours after the prescription is received by the pharmacy and the order has been filled.

  • Is This Legal?
    • n developing this new Internet medium for the delivery of health care services, our organization is committed to meeting and exceeding current regulations. THIS PHARMACY only utilizes licensed US physicians that practice in the US. Our pharmacies are licensed to ship medication to all 50 states and employ licensed US pharmacists to provide you with the highest standards of pharmaceutical care. All medication is obtained from legitimate pharmaceutical wholesalers, so you rest assured you are receiving the same medication as you would at your neighborhood pharmacy.

  • When Is My Order Reveiwed by the DR?
    • Generaly, all orders are reveiwed no later then 3:00pm EST by our physician. Any Order that comes in after 3:00pm EST will be reviewed the next day.

  • How will i know to take my medications and side effects?
    • Each prescription includes directions on usage, dosage and any information just click the product link.

  • How will i know to take my medications and side effects?
    • In most cases, yes. We encourage regular doctor visits and examinations. However, in some instances, in lieu of a physical exam in a physician’s office, the patient can complete an online questionnaire and communicate with one of our US licensed physicians using our secure online communication system. This process will never completely replace traditional medicine, but under certain circumstances, it does provide patients the ability to receive treatment for a number of conditions that may not require an additional physical exam.For example: If you have recently had an in-office exam with a physician, in many cases you do not need to see another physical to receive a prescription for the medication you need. You can simply ask for your medical history to be reviewed by one of our US licensed physicians. A thorough review of your medical history is often sufficient for one of our doctors to be able to approve and write the prescription.If the prescribing physician who is reviewing your questionnaire has a question about anything, a customer care specialist will contact you before determining whether or not to approve the prescription.

  • Can I Return My Medication For A Refund?
    • We are unable to accept returned prescription medications due to Federal Law.

  • How quickly can I expect delivery?
    • The process takes 3 to 4 business days. After you place an order and if it gets approved at 3:00 pm (Eastern Standard Time) you may contact us for your tracking ID.

  • What shipping methods are available?
    • We only offer Free USPS Priority Mail (1 – 3 days) .

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